Product description
Creamy All-Natural Soap made from traditional herbal formula.
Herbal Formula
Tarn soap is made with our signature Tarn herbal formula for enhanced skin health & wellness.
Sensitive Skin Safe
Tarn is made with all-natural ingredients, with zero added fragrances or chemicals. It’s safe for the most sensitive of skins.
More than just a soap, Tarn is packed full of essential oils, herbs, and vitamins to provide your skin with complete wellness.
Tarn helps keeps the skin balanced, tight, wrinkle, and freckle-free. It makes the skin tone soft and smooth. Tarn is especially useful against acne, redness, and itchy rashes.

When massaging Tarn into the skin, it’s herbal richness can soak all the way down into the body to help deeper issues.

Tarn soap helps reduces scabs and scar tissue if used regularly and continuously and is effective at relieving initial burning and stinging sensations caused by minor burns or insect bites.

Natural cooling ingredients help reduce excess heat from the body.

Tarn is even safe to use around the eyes. Those who have used Tarn and allowed Tarn soap to enter their eyes have experienced benefits such as clearer vision, reduced obstructions from tear ducts, and more moist, comfortable eyes, even in dusty or polluted areas.

Some other uses of Tarn include massaging Tarn into the genitalia area for greater blood flow to the area.

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