Product description
Creamy All-Natural Soap made from traditional herbal formula.
Herbal Formula
Made with our proprietary Traditional Thai Tarn herbal blend for scalp & hair health.
Natural Oils & Essences
Made with all-natural oils & essences for the thickest and most beautiful hair.
Packed with Vitamins
Your hair won’t just look great, Tarn is packed full of vitamins for enhanced hair and scalp repair and health.
Tarn shampoo cleanses deep into the scalp, removing stubborn dust and dirt, and preventing the scalp or hair from becoming greasy or smelly.

Using Tarn shampoo daily reduces fungal infections (dermatophytes) on the scalp.
When massaged regularly into the scalp, Tarn shampoo stimulates the fresh blood flow to nourish the roots making the hair strong.

Softens the hair preventing tangles and giving the hair a shine. Tarn shampoo replenishes hair damage caused by chemical dyes, perms and heat from curling irons leaving the hair looking healthy and silky.

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