Product description
Luxurious all-natural herbal coconut oil-based face cream.
Herbal Formula
Made with our signature skin herbal formula, Wann offers a blend of traditional Thai herbs for greater skin health.
Sensitive Skin Safe
Safe for all types of skin. Wann is a skin-balancing cream that works great for oily, dry, and sensitive skin alike.
Packed with vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts, and essential oils, Wann is a potent nourishing cream.
Wann softens and moisturizes the skin making the face firm and fresh. Packed full of nutrients, Wann helps to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and redness making the skin tone look smooth, bright, and radiant.

Using Wann daily helps prevent freckles and reduces scarring.

Have problems with itchy rashes, flaky skin, or hot and burning skin on the face? Wann can help reduce these frustrations, making the skin visibly healthier and stronger.

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