Product description
Creamy coconut-based herbal body lotion.
Herbal Formula
Made with our signature all-natural herbal skin formula, Gaya is more than a body lotion, it’s food for the skin.
Sensitive Skin Safe
Hypo-allergenic with gentle all-natural ingredients, Gaya is safe for all types of skin,  dry, oily and sensitive. 
Packed with vitamins, essential minerals, luscious coconut oil and our herbal formula, Gaya is nourishing for the skin.
Gaya body lotion is a nourishing full body cream that makes the skin soft, and smooth to the touch. This organic coconut-based daily lotion helps even skin tone, leaving you with a radiant aura.

Gaya Reduces dark spots, redness, and scars. Recommended to soothe, itching, burning/hot, dry flaky skin, and other skin ailments.

Using Gaya every day after bathing helps make the skin stronger, and healthier.

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