Product description
All-Natural herbal balm for muscle tension and stress relief.
All Natural
Made with all-natural traditional Thai tension-reducing aromatherapy herbs.
Traditional Thai Medicine
Made using a generations-old Traditional Thai medicine formula handed down for over a century.
Muscle Tension Relief
Highly effective at naturally reducing mental and physical tension caused by stress and exertion.
Sawarng is a creamy balm that relieves nasal congestion and makes breathing convenient.

When applied to the temples or under the nose, Sawarng is effective at reducing headaches and dizziness.

Applied directly to insect bites itching, and acne to soothe itchiness and sensitivity.

Sawarng can be massaged into the muscles to reduce aches and pains and to unknot tight muscles.

When applied to the soles of your feet before going to bed with an additional layer of clothing or socks, Sawarng can help to promotes deep sleep and reduce cold and flu muscle pains.

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