Product description
All-natural deep tissue tension & arthritis relief creamy balm.
All Natural
Made with all-natural traditional Thai tension-reducing aromatherapy herbs.
Traditional Thai Medicine
Made using a generations-old Traditional Thai medicine formula handed down for over a century.
Nasal Congestion Relief
Highly effective at naturally clearing nasal congestion, allowing for easier, deeper breathing. 
Nuan aromatherapy oil relieves nasal congestion and stress tension, making breathing deeper and more relaxed. When applied to the temples and hairline, Nuan can reduce headaches and dizziness, especially related to stress. Nuan can also be applied directly to insect bites, itching, and acne to relieve itchiness and redness.

As a completely organic oil, you can mix Nuan with a few drops of water and ingest it in small amounts to relieve symptoms of stomach pain.

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